16 Extraordinary Facts About Iced Tea

16 Extraordinary Facts About Iced Tea

Fact #1 - First place to grow and sell tea commercially in the United States was South Carolina in 1775

Fact #2 - Oldest sweet tea recipe found in print was from 1879

Fact #3 - Iced Tea accounts for 84% of all tea consumed in the United States

Fact #4 - Prohibition actually helped increase popularity of tea

Fact #5 - After WWII 99% of tea Americans consumed was black tea

Fact #6 - Long Island Iced Tea doesn't actually contain tea

Fact #7 - Is used to be full of Alcohol

Fact #8 - Largest serving of tea world record is held by Lipton

Fact #9 - Spiked in interest after the World's Fair 

Fact #10 - People started drinking it out of tall glasses 

Fact #11 - Behind water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world

Fact #12 - Using tea leaves can actually keep mosquitos at bay

Fact #13 - June is considered National Iced Tea Month

Fact #14 - In the US over 1.4 million pounds of tea is consumed every month

Fact #15 - Tea was introduced into America by the Dutch East India Company

Fact #16 - Over 90 thousand pounds of tea was dumped during the Boston Tea Party in 1773

As the temperature heats up in June, it’s a perfect time to celebrate National Iced Tea Month all month long!

Brewing the ideal pitcher of iced tea is a matter of taste. Depending on your taste, you may prefer sun tea, sweet tea or unsweetened tea. Perhaps your palate leans more toward a fruitier tea or a stronger type of tea. As long as it’s iced, June is the month your tea is celebrated.

Did you learn anything about tea from the facts? What is your favorite tea and the best place to get it? 

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