7 Tips For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Home

Hosting Thanksgiving can be overwhelming and stressful, BUT it doesn't have to be. Here are 7 tips for hosting a holiday with no-stress (ok, maybe low-stress)....

  1. Plan, Plan, and Plan some more! Write out a timeline of all the tasks that need to be done. Work backwards if you can and delegate jobs other people can do. 
  2. Take inventory of your serveware. Make sure you have enough platters and bowls for serving so you aren't scrambling at the last minute. 
  3. Label your serving pieces beforehand. This will make things much quicker and easier when the day is crazy and you are trying to get the food out. 
  4. Make sure you have the essential kitchen supplies. Take inventory of the things you are going to need for the big day - whisks, potato masher, cutting boards, knives, etc. 
  5. Cook and bake ahead as much as possible. If there are things you can prep and cook ahead of time then do it! Some things can be assembled days ahead. Anything that can be made ahead, should be. 
  6. Buy some little items that help a lot! There may be little appliances and gadgets that can make your day go smoother. Use crockpots to keep things warm. You can use a collapsible oven rack to allow for more room in the oven. 
  7. Accept help when offered. You may want to turn away offers of help, but accept the help. Also, allow people to bring a dish or two so you don't have to do it alone. 

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