Smokies Real Estate Soars As The Powerhouse Group Unities

In a strategic decision to elevate the STR and Investment real estate sales estate sector in the Smoky Mountains, Madeline Blom and Brandon Thompson have joined forces. This collaboration marks the birth of “The Powerhouse Group” under the esteemed Real Broker real estate brokerage banner.

Madeline and Brandon both embody characteristics of excellence, trust, and a commitment to clients that align seamlessly with their shared core values. The synergy between these two powerhouses in the real estate industry is undeniable, and their partnership promises a formidable team that is ready to redefine the real estate landscape.

Excitement abounds as Madeline and Brandon embark on this collaborative journey, pooling their expertise to offer clients an unparalleled real estate experience. The Powerhouse Group is not just a name; it’s a testament to the dynamic synergy between two exceptional agents who are dedicated to delivering outstanding service.

With a shared passion for building lasting relationships, a commitment to transparency, and a focus on clients’ unique needs, The Powerhouse Group sets a new standard in the industry. Madeline and Brandon’s united front brings a fresh perspective to the world of real estate, blending experience, innovation, and a genuine care for their clients.

As part of the Real Broker network, The Powerhouse Group is poised to make a significant impact, leveraging the support and resources of a prestigious brokerage to enhance the services offered to their valued clients.

Madeline Blom is not just a Real Estate Agent and Investor; she is a dynamic force dedicated to transforming the real estate landscape with a unique blend of expertise and genuine care. Originally from Long Island, NY, Madeline's journey took a significant, exciting turn in 2016 when she decided to embrace full-time motherhood in Knoxville, TN.

Before becoming a powerhouse in real estate, Madeline spent thirty-six years in Long Island, serving as a Special Education Teacher for fourteen years. Armed with a Master's in Special Education from Stonybrook University and an Advanced Degree in Autism from Brooklyn College, Madeline's passion for education laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Retiring from teaching opened the door to new adventures, leading Madeline into the realm of real estate. For four years, she excelled as an agent before making the bold transition into real estate investment. Today, Madeline doesn't just own and run six successful short-term rentals across four states in the southeast; she has mastered the art of building lasting relationships with her clients.

Madeline's commitment to trust, honesty, and transparency has become the hallmark of her business, propelling her to expert status in Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains. She doesn't just offer realty services; she decodes the unique needs of her clients, ensuring they navigate the market with confidence.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Madeline is a wife to Jason Blom and a devoted mother to their three children. Her love for health, fitness, and wellness is not just a personal passion – she is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Madeline firmly believes that without health, there is no wealth, and she brings this holistic approach into every aspect of her life.

In the spring and summer, you'll find Madeline on the lake, enjoying quality time with her family and friends. As a homeschooling parent, she is as dedicated to her children's education as she is to her clients, creating a harmonious balance between her family life and thriving real estate career.

Brandon Thompson, a seasoned realtor with a collegiate baseball background, brings a dynamic touch to negotiations. His competitive spirit, honed on the baseball field, infuses energy and strategic finesse into the real estate realm. The lessons learned on the field echo in his approach to real estate by always aiming for victory on behalf of his clients.

Brandon stands as a reputable figure in the realm of real estate, particularly within the scenic Smoky Mountains region. Brandon's professional trajectory is marked by his commitment to client service, positioning him as a premier agent specializing in Short-Term Rentals and investment properties. His strategic approach involves expanding clients' portfolios through astute investments that yield significant cash flow.

At the heart of Brandon's career is an unwavering dedication to integrity. Success, in his view, is defined by the flourishing portfolios of his clients. With a strong sense of responsibility, Brandon takes pride in guiding clientele toward wise investments, fostering sustainable growth in each transaction.

Beyond his role as a distinguished real estate agent, Brandon finds fulfillment in his personal life alongside his wife, Allie. Demonstrating a commitment to an active lifestyle, they participate in outdoor activities and maintain a dedicated fitness and gym routine. Their home is enriched by the presence of three rescued dogs, contributing to a household characterized by companionship and joy. Beyond their individual and shared pursuits, they prioritize meaningful moments with family, acknowledging the importance of fostering strong personal connections alongside their professional endeavors.


The Powerhouse Group formation expands the Great Life RE brokered by Real Broker network in the Great Smoky Mountains. Great Life RE brokered by Real Broker currently serves markets in TN, NC and FL

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